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What Classes are Good for Me?

For Toning: Hot Vinyasa, Vinyasa Flow,

For Muscle Strengthening: Core Yoga, Pilates

For De-Stressing: Detox Yoga, Restorative

For Injury Treatment: Yoga Therapy

For a Different Challenge: Aerial Yoga, Upside Down, Yoga Wheel

For Stretching & Increasing Flexibility: Chair Yoga, Warm & Relaxing Stretch, Yin Yang

For Beginners: Any Basics Level Classes, Hatha Gentle




What are the Benefits of Yoga?

Boost circulation & improve heart health

Detoxification & stimulation of organs

Enhance muscle strength & body flexibility

Increase metabolism & help weight control

Perfects posture & body-toning

Improve & control breathing

Improve sleeping quality & reduce stress

Improve immunity

Delay aging

Enhance self-confidence & self-esteem


$150 Only for First-Time Visit, only applicable to HK ID holders





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